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" The KIDDO program made me realise the importance of teaching fundamentals, and laying groundwork for the future. "

Rachel Ortlepp

AFL Coach

I Am A Coach

KIDDO for Coaches

At KIDDO, we wholeheartedly embrace all those who share our desire to develop and nurture a love of physical activity from an early age. If you are a coach, health professional or student who wants to develop the physical literacy of your kids you have come to the right place. We have a range of activities, skills and challenges to improve their move!

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Are you keen to get your kids moving? We have a range of activities that have been created to develop specific fundamental movement skills in children. We have heaps of activities to choose from to suit all ages. and group sizes.  

Improve your student's skills with the help of our videos and teaching strategies for each of the Fundamental Movement Skills. 

Here you will find a wide range of information and resources to help you learn more about physical literacy and how you can implement it in your organisation, school or early childhood education centre.  

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Physical literacy is a core element to building a healthy, active society. It provides kids with the confidence, motivation, skills and knowledge for continued lifelong active participation. In recent years children have become less physically active for a variety of reasons, both at home and at school, which is leading to more complex issues within society and our healthcare systems.

To help combat this decline the experts at UWA established KIDDO, which provides physical literacy information, online training, practical resources and skills, specifically developed for teachers, educators and coaches.

  • The tools and resources to build your confidence to deliver high-quality physical literacy sessions
  • A learning platform that is easy to use and practical in its application
  • A focus on fun (both for the kids and you!)
  • A proven model – it works! Our research shows that KIDDO improves both the confidence and skills of kids aged 3-8

Our team of amazing physical literacy experts from Australia and around the globe have worked together to create these world-leading online training resources. 

So click on one of the packages below to join KIDDO and start your journey into the innovating and exciting world of physical literacy.

Register today to get FREE access to KIDDO's amazing database of fun children's activities!  With hundreds of KIDDO activities to choose from your children will be spoilt for choice.

Also make sure you check out our library of videos on how to teach each of the Fundamental Movement Skills correctly.

Registration takes less than a minute!

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Become a children's physical literacy expert in your school/centre/club with our KIDDO Certified membership.

Members receive access to a wide range of KIDDO's online training and resources, including our world leading online Certificate of Physical Literacy.

$249 p.a.


Be a Leader in Physical Literacy and receive access to all of KIDDO's world-leading online training and resources PLUS access to the KIDDO Challenge - our incredible Fundamental Movement Skill assessment tool that allows you to easily assess, track and report on your children’s progress.

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Does KIDDO sound like something that your organisation would really benefit from? There are lots of options for your business to be involved with KIDDO.

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I have just completed my Physical Literacy Certificate as a KIDDO champion for Geographe Primary in Busselton. It was a great course, thank-you! As the Junior PE specialist I am so excited to implement the program and assist our ECE educators to do with their Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students.

Julia Thompson
Junior Specialist PE teacher, Geographe Primary School

Last night and this morning I have completed the Certificate of Physical Literacy and am super excited to start discussions with other staff at Harmony about how we can increase physical literacy in our school and community and come up with a plan. It has really motivated me, to motivate the kids at school but also to create a healthy lifestyle for my family!

Lucy Atkins
Year 1 teacher, Harmony Primary School

I am loving using the assessment tool, and the report that is generated is an amazing tool to engage parents.

Joh Perry
PE teacher, Manjimup Primary School