Kiddo Challenge

Scroll down to watch a video of the KIDDO Challenge in action and to learn more about the KIDDO Challenge 


Make Assessing & Reporting FMS Easy

With the KIDDO Challenge Assessment Tool

Assess FMS, track improvement and engage parents with KIDDO’s simple to use Fundamental Movement Skill assessment tool - KIDDO Challenge.

Designed specifically for kids 3-8 years old, you can choose to assess and report on the following 5 fundamental movement skills:

  • Balancing
  • Jumping
  • Catching
  • Kicking
  • Running

Available to KIDDO Leader members, the KIDDO Challenge tool offers the following benefits and features:

  • Instant Percentile Rankings - based on the data of thousands of 3-8 year olds across Australia you can easily see how children compare to others of the same age
  • View both formative and summative assessment options
  • Automatically generated reports for parents to engage them in their child’s physical development at this vital age
  • Easily collect and report on data as to the effectiveness of your teaching and learning programs
  • Help with planning & reporting
  • Track a child’s individual improvement over a year
  • Completely online – run the assessment on a phone or tablet

The KIDDO Challenge is already used by teachers, educators and coaches across Australia and internationally.


*The KIDDO Challenge is available to KIDDO Leader members that have completed the certificate of physical literacy and signed licensing agreement by their school principal or organisation manager