The KIDDO library is the place to find up-to-date information and practical resources to help you deliver Physical Literacy development programs. The KIDDO team will be constantly updating the library with research and resources from here and around the world, so remember to keep checking in.

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This is a handy active play audit tool to assist you in assessing your centre environment

People are always asking what equipment they need for their physical literacy and fundamental movement skill programs!

Learn how others have used the KIDDO training and resources in their setting. East Kalgoorlie Primary School in rural Western Australia started with KIDDO in 2019 after not having had a specia

In October 2019, Sport Australia released their Physical Literacy position statement, outlining their vision for Physical Literacy in Australia.

This is a resource to assist you in choosing equipment within your school/centre that promotes active play and specific movements.

This resource provides ideas for teachers and ECEC educators to promote active indoor play

This yearly FMS plan provides a template to establish a schoolwide development pathway for FMS from Kindy to Year 2

Sport Australia has produced the Australian Physical Literacy Framework to support all Australians to develop their physical literacy at every stage of life.

This SPORT FITS checklist is presented in our module 'Practical tips for behaviour change in children'.