How to use the Milestone Tracker and Reporting

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Step 1: Create your milestone report

Go to the reports tab on KIDDO dashboard.

  • Select the children you would like to report on
  • Select the milestones you would like to report on for these children
  • Save the report
Step 2: Observe the children

Observe the children you are reporting on over the course of a day or a week in your indoor and outdoor environment. Provide plenty of opportunities for children to explore milestones such as catching, kicking and throwing by planning activities and providing beanbags and balls for children to play with.

Step 3: Complete your milestone reports

For each of the children, based on your observations the previous week, mark each child as UnableExploring or Achieved for each of the milestones you have selected.

  • Unable - not able to perform the milestone
  • Exploring – able to perform parts of the milestone, but not regularly and completely
  • Achieved – is regularly observed performing this milestone
Step 4: View milestone reports and share with families

In the ‘Children’ section of the dashboard you can view each child’s milestone report by clicking on the graph icon next to the child’s name.

Add the contact details of each child’s families so they can receive an individual login to KIDDO’s Parent Hub and then access their child’s milestone report. Go to the selected child and on the right side, click on the ‘invite parents’ text. Once you add the parent’s details, they will be sent an email inviting them to login to the KIDDO Parent Hub.

Step 5: Use the results in your programming and planning

Go to the ‘Insights’ section to see the results for all the children in your room. Use the results to plan your indoor and outdoor environment and intentional teaching.

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