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There is always lots happening at KIDDO and we are always amazed at the great improvements we are seeing at our participating schools, ECEC centres and sporting clubs.


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02 November 2021

KIDDO is excited to release our 2021 Fundamental Movement Skill report. This is the second annual FMS report released by KIDDO and provides a spotlight on children's development around Australia.

02 November 2021

Amazing opportunity for all Early Childhood Education and Care services in Western Australia to access the KIDDO program in 2022.

07 October 2021

It's time for another Research Thursday! Today we will be looking at a study by Behan and colleagues who investigated FMS development in over 2000 Irish primary school aged children.

23 September 2021

It's Research Thursday! Today we are looking back at a landmark study into children's motor skill development.

22 September 2021

The program for the inaugural KIDDO Primary School Conference has been released! Find out information on the speakers and conference topics. 

13 September 2021

KIDDO will be available for all WA Early Childhood Education and Care Services in 2022 and 2023 thanks to funding support from Healthway and Lotterywest.

09 September 2021

It's Research Thursday! We know that gross motor skill development is important for health and development in the early years and that poor gross motor skill competency among children is a growing concern.

08 September 2021

KIDDO's popular Primary School Conference is becoming even more accessible - with an online conference coming November 15th and 16th 2021.

26 August 2021

It's Research Thursday! 

There is alot of talk about incorporating physical activity or "brain breaks" into the classroom, but what does the research say?

05 August 2021

The researchers found that a significant portion of Australian children are not meeting the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) during the school day. Nearly half of all children Year 3-6 did not meet the MVPA recommendations, and over 30% of children in Kindergarten - Year 2 did not meet the MVPA recommendations.