Would you like a FREE 12-month KIDDO Membership for your school?

KIDDO has partnered with Healthway for the “KIDDO Healthway Active Schools Project”, to offer 50 primary schools in metropolitan and regional Western Australia the opportunity to access a 12-month membership (plus support to implement) at no cost.

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We are looking for high-needs schools that haven’t had a KIDDO membership within the past 5 years.


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If your school is interested after reading the information below, please complete the Online Registration Form through this link before Wednesday 31st May: ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-in basis. Please also ensure that you have permission from your leadership team before submitting your application.

KIDDO Healthway Active Schools Project:

KIDDO (www.kiddo.edu.au) is a program developed by UWA to translate the latest research in the development of fundamental movement skills and physical literacy into programs and resources for educators. Physical literacy is a relatively new term that recognises children’s need to develop the skills, confidence, motivation, and knowledge to be active across their lifespan. This program will allow your school to have a significant impact on developing physical health and fundamental movement skills as well as the confidence of your students in a sustainable manner.

The KIDDO team will provide:
  • One-year full school membership to KIDDO, which includes access for all staff (normally costs $750 for a school of average size) and provides all the proven programming, resources, lessons plans for delivering an engaging and effective K-2 PE program and access to the KIDDO Parent Hub for the families at your school
  • One introductory, hands-on workshop– ‘Getting Started with KIDDO’, suitable for all teachers and support staff from  K – 2 and specialist PE teachers. Your staff can choose from one of the five workshops around the metropolitan area to attend
  • Online workshop on how to measure Fundamental Movement Skills at your school
  • Two tickets to KIDDO’s Annual Primary School Conference (Monday 9th October 2023) (worth $260)
  • Two sets of hard copy KIDDO resources – including posters, activity lanyards, and skill-teaching cue cards (worth $100)
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Telephone and email support to help set your school up with KIDDO
Participating schools will commit to:
  • At least two teachers attending the two-hour ‘Getting Started with KIDDO’ Introductory Workshop
  • ALL K – 2 teaching staff to complete the online professional learning course ‘Certificate of Physical Literacy’ -  6 x 30-minute modules. All teachers will receive a certificate for 6 hours of Professional Learning
  • Conduct the KIDDO FMS Assessment on at least one class for at least two skills – once at the end of Term 2/beginning of Term 3 and again towards the end of Term 4
  • Identify two staff within the school to champion the KIDDO program on an ongoing basis
  • Invite parents to access KIDDO’s ‘Parent Hub’
  • Implement the KIDDO program with your K-Year 2 classes. This could be through:
    • Incorporating KIDDO activities in morning fitness at least once a week, or
    • Scheduling a specific KIDDO session each week as part of delivering the Fundamental Movement Skill component of the Health and Physical Education curriculum, or
    • Incorporating KIDDO activities as ‘brain breaks’, or
    • A combination of the above


There would be no cost for your school attached to any of the above activities.



Do all K-2 teachers at my school need to participate?

A commitment from all the K-2 teachers at your school is recommended to secure your position in the program. We would encourage all the K-2 teachers in each school to participate, however, if for example, you have only the K and PP teachers interested in this program, this is sufficient to still apply. Please just indicate on the registration form how many teachers and which year groups from your school will be participating in the program.


Do we all need to complete the online training or is just attending the workshop ok?

All participants from your school need to complete the online learning module ‘Certificate of Physical Literacy’. A minimum of two staff need to attend the in-person workshop.


Term 3 is busy - can we participate at a later date?

Healthway has only provided us with funds to run this program until December 2023 (however the year-long KIDDO membership will continue through 2024). This fully funded program is a one-off opportunity and while it will be available in the future, it will have a cost attached to it.


I am the school PE teacher, why do the classroom teachers need to participate?

With most students in Kindergarten – Year 2 only receiving a maximum of one 45-minute PE lesson a week, it is essential classroom teachers also have the skills, confidence, and resources to help encourage the development of Fundamental Movement Skills in their students. Whether this is part of morning fitness, 3 x 5/10-minute daily brain breaks, or a 20-minute session three times a week it adds value to the work being done in the PE program. Additionally, if the K/PP teachers are responsible for their own Fundamental Movement Skill Programs, this is an ideal opportunity to provide additional resources to assist them with their programming and delivery.


If we want to continue our KIDDO membership after the 12-month membership has expired, what will be the ongoing cost for our school?

The cost of a 12-month KIDDO membership is $499 + $2 per child in K – 2. For example, if you have 250 students in K – 2, your fee for your 12-month membership would be $999.

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Feel free to contact Allison.King@uwa.edu.au if you have any questions

This project is supported by Healthway