Download our free Balance Dice to make your own super fun balance activities. Roll the dice and see what balance pose you have to do, is it a flamingo or a tree? Add another dice and roll both to see how long you have to be a tree for. Play a game of hopscotch with your dice so you have to hop and balance!  Make up your own game with the Balance dice, there is endless possibilities.

Download your Balance dice now!

It's easy to make:

1. Print  

2. Cut out around the outside black lines

3. Fold the tabs around the Cat, Tree and Flamingo inwards

4. Fold along each black line to make into a cube shape

5. Use sticky tape to join it all together

Watch your child have fun, creating their own Balance games with this simple dice or join in with them for some family balance fun!

Let us know what activities your child comes up with.