Meet Andy Hair

Hailing from Geelong/Wathaurong, Australia, Andy is an award-winning Primary PE Teacher with 27 years of experience, renowned for his infectious energy and youthful persona. His primary objective is to facilitate the excellence of students, enabling them to surpass their goals, foster self-assurance, and derive fulfilment from their pursuits. 

A profound advocate for the transformative power of play, Andy strives to create an environment and culture for students that is both diverse and challenging.  He is currently a Physical Activity Advisor for ACHPER Victoria’s Active Schools Project, after having been a Curriculum Writer, Physical Literacy Coach and Regional Coordinator for School Sport Victoria. He also co-authored a module within KIDDO’s Certificate of Physical Literacy.

Andy will lead two informative and inspiring sessions at the conference:

1. Beyond the Basics: Teaching for Physical Competency and Lifelong Health 

This inspiring session will explore how to create a comprehensive, student-centred PE curriculum that emphasises physical literacy and lifelong health.  

Through compelling real-life examples and interactive discussions, Andy will lead us in exploring how physical activity can serve as a catalyst for growth and empowerment, overcoming boundaries. He will also share how embracing different forms of movement can not only improve students’ physical well-being but also fuel their creativity, strengthen mental resilience, and foster a sense of belonging within a community. 

You’ll walk away inspired and informed with new strategies for promoting inclusivity and diversity in PE, and practical tools for designing and implementing meaningful programs. Moreover, we expect you’ll gain an increased ability to communicate the impact that physical literacy and fundamental movement skill development can have within your school and beyond.

2. Game Extravaganza: Unleashing the Ultimate Fun-Filled Session of Endless Games!

Get ready for some excitement, laughter and a bit of friendly competition. Where the thrill of play knows no bounds and mastery of outcomes has no place. Andy will lead us through an extraordinary line-up of games (yes, we’ll all be playing!) that will build confidence in skill development, explore exciting ways to foster relationship building and unleash creative problems solving that will cater for all students. 

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