09 April 2020

KIDDO's aim of developing the physical literacy of children is garnering more attention than ever in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. While our face-to-face programs have been postponed until it is deemed safe to resume them, the KIDDO team has shifted their focus to providing parents and educators with a wide range of resources that they can use at home!

Here's how you can interact with KIDDO

  • KIDDO At-Home Resources: We have an extensive offering of resources and activities to keep children active while at home! Visit our Take-Home Resources hub to find some ideas and tips for helping your child develop their physical literacy. Try our at-home mini golf, dance party or build and destroy activities! Or, try one of our activity charts and tick off each square as you complete them! Check out our 25 activities for the whole family below:


  • KIDDO Challenge: Have you found yourself wondering how your child's skill proficiency is tracking? Well, now you can find out! Head to the KIDDO Challenge to complete tests for balance, catching, running, jumping and kicking. Once you complete the challenge, you will receive a percentile ranking (this tells you roughly how your child's performance ranks compared to other children of the same age) and some tips to improve their proficiency in each skill!


  • Skills: Are you unsure what skills children need to develop and how to develop them? Look no further than our skills resources! Here you'll find some information to help you understand what good movement looks like, and the teaching cues that you can give your children to help them improve. You are also provided with a PDF to download, and videos to watch. Take a look at the teaching cues that our coaches use for overarm throw! (Ready, Aim, Fire!)
  1. Stand side-on like a surfer (Ready)
  2. Make a muscle arm with your throwing arm, and point at your target with your non-throwing arm (Aim)
  3. Step forward with opposite foot and throw (Fire)


  • Activities: We have over a hundred activities aimed at developing children's fundamental movement skills, motivation and confidence to be physically active for life. While not all of them will be applicable during the current COVID-19 crisis, there are still a lot of activities that can be modified, if you would like some inspiration! You can even sort by activities that can be set up at home.


  • Professional Development: We offer a fully online professional development course to up-skill early childhood educators and teachers. The KIDDO Certificate of Physical Literacy is a 6 module online course that focuses on varying aspects of developing childrens' physical literacy. Over time, more modules will be added to help your ongoing learning in the field of physical literacy. If you would like to find out more about our membership packages, which includes our professional development course, visit our packages page.

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Despite uncertain times, one thing is for sure - kids need to move! Let's do our best to make this happen! If you need some help, feel free to Contact Us.

The KIDDO Team