What is the Parent Hub?

The Parent Hub is designed to help make your job easier by closing the loop with families and engaging them in their child’s physical development. Families can:

  • Access 100's of age-appropriate activities designed specifically for parents and children
  • See what skills their child is currently learning at school
  • View how they are tracking with the development of those skills and access their assessment or progress reports
  • Learn more about the importance of being active and developing FMS in the early years
  • Track their child’s progress at home

How do I give parents access to the Parent Hub?

  • On the Students tab in the dashboard, click on the three dots next to the student’s name.
  • Select ‘invite parents’
  • Enter a parent/guardian name and email address and they will be automatically sent an email invite to access their child’s KIDDO Parent Hub

You can track if they have logged in through the ‘Parent Active’ column.

Where can I see what parents are seeing in the Parent Hub?

We are working on this! One way is by adding a test student to the class and adding yourself (with a different email address) as their parent. It is very important you use a different email address than the one you currently use to log in to the KIDDO website as otherwise, the system will get confused!

Below is an example of a Parent Hub with the following features:

  • Focus skills being taught at school – make sure you tick the box when you complete a lesson so that this information is sent to the parent hub
  • Skill progress tracker: this shares the student’s skill development in an easy-to-understand visual for parents
  • Activities to try at home: parents can browse by skill hundreds of KIDDO activities that are specifically designed for children to do at home with their families
  • Achievements: parents get rewarded for completing activities with their children and tracking progress
  • Help develop skills at home: families can see how far their child can jump, kick, how long they can balance for at home and get instant feedback on their progress.
  • Assessment and progress reports: families can access their child’s FMS assessment and progress reports following their assessment at schools
  • Skill videos & further resources: parents can watch videos and browse hundreds of great resources to help them encourage their child to develop the skills and confidence to be active

Can I change the content in the Parent Hub?

You have control over a number of elements of the Parent Hub:

  1. The Parent Hub displays the skills you are currently teaching to their children. For this information to transfer across to the Parent Hub you just need to tick the box on the Overview page of the dashboard after you have completed a lesson. If you don’t tick this box, no focus skills will be displayed.
  2. The assessment reports and overview of skill mastery are only displayed in you have completed assessments