Resources & Training

Complete the fully online Certificate of Physical Literacy authored by Australian and world leading experts in Physical Literacy. With courses for different professions including primary school teachers, early chilhdood educators and carers, and coaches, there is a course to suit you.

The KIDDO Challenge is an online Fundamental Movement Skill Assessment and Reporting tool allowing rapid assessment and reporting of children aged 3-8 years.

The assessment tool is available to KIDDO Leader members who have completed the Certificate of Physical Literacy.


Not sure where to start with physical literacy and developing fundamental movement skills? Let KIDDO help you with our tried and tested lesson plans for different settings and age groups.

Need some fresh ideas for your Fundamental Movement Skills sessions? KIDDO's database of over 100 activities along with vidoes and detailed instructions will help you deliver fun, engaging sessions that develop both the confidence and skills of your children aged 3-8 years. 

Design your own KIDDO session with our time saving session builder. Simply choose your age group, select your skill focus and add in your activities.

Improve your student's skills with the help of our videos and teaching strategies for each of the Fundamental Movement Skills. 

Practical resources to help parents encourage the development of motivation, confidence and the skills to be active at home with their children. 

Latest research and information on physical literacy in Australia and around the world. Resources from KIDDO's online Certificate of Physical Literacy course and more.....

Have a question, want to share what you are doing, found a good physical literacy resource? Join our KIDDO Physical Literacy Community Forums.