KIDDO for Primary Schools

Everything you need to develop fundamental movement skills and physical literacy
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Improve your move with KIDDO
  • Save time with our curriculum-aligned programs and lesson plans, or easily create your own.
  • Build students’ FMS and improve their engagement with hundreds of fun activities. Morning fitness and brain breaks are planned for you!
  • Measure, assess, benchmark and report on your students' progress with ease via our all-in-one assessment tool.
  • One membership provides access for every teacher and every child from Kindergarten/Pre-school to Year 2 at your school.
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Waddington PS's experience with KIDDO

Find out why Jemima thinks KIDDO is a "no brainer". Watch the video.

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Teacher planning
All your planning is taken care of

Save time with our ready-made, curriculum-aligned programs and lesson plans or create your own with our easy-to-use lesson builder.

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Over 240 fun activities they'll love playing

Tried, tested and proven to build confidence and develop students’ Fundamental Movement Skills. They're easy to deliver, require no specialised equipment and are fun for everyone.

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Assess FMS with ease
Assess FMS with ease

Use our online assessment tool to measure FMS and receive instant feedback and automated reports tracking student progress and individual achievement.

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See how your school compares

Benchmark against more than 60,000 students and for the first time gain a true understanding of where your students are in their fundamental movement skill development.

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Engage parents in the journey
Engage parents on the journey

Our Parent hub links parents in with the skills you are focusing on at school. Parents can also access activities specifically designed to play at home as well as other helpful skill information and resources to continue the KIDDO fun.

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Skill teaching
Insights to guide your next steps

Insights and reports are automatically generated from FMS assessment results. They highlight which children and which areas need more support than others, allowing you to adjust plans if necessary. They make it easy to track student progress and measure the impact that your programs are having.

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Certificate of Physical Literacy
Build your capacity and stay ahead of the game
Complete professional development authored by world-leading experts
The Certificate of Physical Literacy eLearning course consolidates the latest research and practical applications in the school setting
Take advantage of our resource library
It's full of content that's been created (and curated) to assist you in the delivery of Physical Literacy development programs
Become a pro at skill teaching

Improve your student's skills with the help of our videos and teaching strategies for each of the Fundamental Movement Skills.

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Stay on top of it all with your personalised dashboard

You’ll have oversight of your whole week’s program at a glance - lessons, morning fitness and brain breaks.