Kicking Stations

A station-based activity to explore all different kinds of soccer kicking! Modify to suit your group's ability, size, and available equipment. Use simple KIDDO activities as your stations.

Set up

Using any available equipment, set out different simple kicking stations. Try to incorporate different kicking objectives, such as power or accuracy. You will likely need any kind of targets, flat markers to show the children where to stand, soccer balls, soccer goals, witches hats, and/or hoops.

Check out our Kicking Station Cards for inspiration!

Note: You should choose activities that are simple to do and easily reset by the children.

How to play
Step 1:
  • Separate children into different groups to allow them to play independently (you can also choose to move around the stations as a whole group if numbers allow)
  • Before beginning, take the children around the stations, explaining and demonstrating the appropriate kicking skill, and how to do the activity. Download our Kicking Station Cards for ideas.
    • Soccer Jumps: children work individually through a number of soccer challenges
    • Ready, Aim, Fire: children kick the ball and attempt to knock down targets
    • Crazy Keeper: children try to score a goal by getting it past the goal keeper
    • Dribbling Obstacle Course: Children dribble their soccer ball around the cones and under the hurdles
    • Soccer Bowling: children kick at witches hats set out like bowling pins
  • Other KIDDO games you could adapt to become a station include:
    • Battleships: children kick at small cones with beanbags on top
    • Rob the Nest: children dribble whilst playing this classic KIDDO game
    • Space Invaders: children attempt to kick their ball into hoops
    • Kicking Zone: children kick as far as they can and see which colour zone they land in
Step 2:
  • Children complete the activity at the station for a designated time and then move to the next station in a clockwise motion
Step 3:
  • After children have played at all the stations, if time allows, let them choose their favourite station to play at again!
Make it easier
  • Have less stations to allow children time to adjust to each new activity
  • The group moves around the stations together
  • Make kicking distances shorter/targets larger
Make it harder
  • Have more stations
  • Include variations available at each station for children to challenge themselves
  • Encourage children to try kicking with their non-dominant foot
  • Make kicking distances longer/targets smaller
Activity information
Age: Three year olds, Kindergarten / Pre-school, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Participants: 1 +
Equipment: Soccer balls, Soccer goals, Markers, Witches Hats, Targets, Hurdles (optional), Agility poles (optional)
Duration: 10 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

Before playing, use the teaching cues to demonstrate and then all have a go at stepping, swinging and kicking without a ball first. Ask children to touch the part of the foot they connect to the ball with.

  1. Eyes on the ball
  2. Kicking foot like a penguin (twist it outwards)
  3. Step, swing and kick
Activity summary
Physical literacy tips
  • Station games are a great way to allow children to explore independent play, just ensure you demonstrate each station before beginning so children know what they need to do
  • Depending on how long your station is, consider including a drink/brain break if children are losing focus
  • Demonstrate the kicking skill and let children practice before entering the stations
  • Let children choose the stations they go to