Professional development

We want to help build your knowledge and capacity as an educator. That's why completing the Certificate of Physical Literacy is a critical place to start.

Developed by world-leading experts and practitioners, it is proven to increase teachers’ knowledge and confidence to deliver programs that encourage physical literacy development in children.

It is an e-learning course where you'll learn:

  1. About physical literacy and it's importance throughout early childhood
  2. All about the fundamental movement skills
  3. How to teach fundamental movement skills
  4. How to assess fundamental movement skills
  5. How to deliver physical literacy development programs to children with low movement proficiency and address other barriers to engagement
  6. Practical strategies to maximise the motivation of children

You can complete the course at your own pace. Simply save your progress and you can return to where you last left off. We expect it to take approximately 3-4 hours in total and all members who complete the course will receive a certificate on completion.

Upskill the entire team! A primary school membership provides all of your school's teachers and support staff with access to this course.

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