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Lisa Barnett
Get to the heart of the matter with Prof. Lisa Barnett

Session 1- Getting to the heart of the matter: the significance of physical literacy for children and how understanding a child’s perspective of their physical literacy can be used to inform your approach

Lisa will explain exactly what physical literacy is all about and why it is so important - particularly when it comes it early childhood development. She'll share innovative ways that you can measure children’s physical literacy, including movement skill competence, and how you can use this information to inform your educational programs. 

Session 4C - The latest evidence linking child and youth motor skill development to health

Discover how children develop their movement skills and the important linkages between movement and both physical and mental health in childhood and into adulthood.

Helen Cooper OT, Gymworks
Hear from Helen Cooper, OT and Director of Gymworks

Session 5C - Foundations for success: Elevating education through gross motor development

Helen will explore the sensory processing skills essential for developing praxis and motor planning. You'll learn how to support all children, especially those with developmental coordination difficulties, and understand the links to conditions like DCD, motor dysgraphia, and ADHD. Discover strategies to help kids gain confidence in their motor skills, significantly impacting their ability to access the curriculum throughout their school years.

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Ivan Jeftic UWA
Building confidence with Dr Ivan Jeftic, UWA

Session 3C - Yes I can! Practical strategies to develop children's confidence to be active.

Ivan will outline how to build children's confidence in physical activity and why, based on the latest research. He'll cover the importance of confidence, needs-supportive communication, and the role of play, all structured to provide practical strategies for implementation.

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Martin Anderson, UWA KIDDO Conference
Maximise engagement with Martin Anderson, UWA

Session 5B - Maximising active time in your PE lessons (Practical session)

Join Martin Anderson, a leader in Health and Physical Education pedagogy, as he shares practical strategies to maximise student engagement and active time in your PE lessons. With extensive experience mentoring over 800 educators and serving on various educational boards, Martin's insights are invaluable for enhancing your teaching approach. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert who has significantly shaped physical education in Western Australia.

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Professor Michael Rosenberg UWA KIDDO
Data-driven insights and opportunities from Prof. Michael Rosenberg, UWA

Session 3B - The state of play for fundamental movement skill development for Australian children

Join Professor Michael Rosenberg and co-presenter, Jingdan Gou (PhD Candidate) for a deep dive into FMS assessment data collected by schools from over 50,000 students in WA schools since 2019. Discover trends and relationships in FMS development influenced by socio-economic status, gender, and age, and explore whether stability, locomotor, and object control skills develop independently or are interrelated. Gain valuable insights and implications for schools and teachers in enhancing student skill development.

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Megan Wallace, Early Childhood Teacher, Dryandra PS
Kick goals from Kindy with Early Childhood Teacher, Megan Wallace

Session 2 - Starting Strong: KIDDO's role in Kindergarten & Pre-Primary at Dryandra PS

Join Megan as she shares her successful use of KIDDO resources in kindergarten and pre-primary at Dryandra Primary, a low SES school with a diverse population. Discover her strategies for planning, monitoring progress, and engaging parents and learn how her comprehensive approach has fostered physical activity and skill development in early learners since 2019.

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Allison King
Master skill teaching and FMS assessment with Allison King

Session 5A - Running assessments using stations (Practical session)

You'll walk away from this hands-on session with the strategies to run effective and efficient FMS assessment session which engages all students while allowing you to collect assessment data. Learn about the protocols for the five KIDDO assessment challenges and be led through guided practice - a valuable opportunity to improve your assessment techniques in a dynamic school environment.

Session 3A - Step by Step for Early Childhood Teachers: A Practical Guide for Teaching Basic Fundamental Movement Skills (Practical session)

Allison will share simple and proven ways to successfully teach children to run, jump, balance, and hop. The session will cover the teaching cues for each skill, along with common errors and simple strategies for instruction. Participate in fun, practical activities designed to enhance each skill and get equipped with valuable insights and techniques for successfully teaching fundamental movement skills.

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Chris Boulay
Student-centric approaches from Chris Boulay, PE Specialist

Session 6 - Moving forward: Student-centric approaches to physical literacy

Join Chris for an insightful session on how he has effectively fostered student leadership and student voice to develop a whole-of-school approach to physical literacy at North Harrisdale Primary School.  Chris will also share how he has implemented KIDDO starting from scratch at a new and rapidly growing primary school. 

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Jordan Hickert Dayton PS PE Specialist
Join Jordan to maximise your impact via a whole-of-school approach

Session 4A - Maximising KIDDO's impact through school-wide adoption

Learn from PE Specialist, Jordan Hickert's impressive experience integrating KIDDO into a whole-school approach to physical activity. Learn how to up-skill early childhood teachers for seamless KIDDO implementation, how to use assessment to guide future planning, and engage families through the KIDDO parent hub. Discover how Jordan's initiatives have successfully impacted over 600 students across three schools.

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Hannah Brown PE specialist, Ardross PS
A striking session with Hannah Brown

Session 4B - Striking in the Early Years (Practical session)

Join Ardross PE specialist, Hannah Brown, and learn how to introduce the skill of striking in the early years. How to adapt activities and equipment to ensure maximal participation and learning for young learners. 

Hannah will share her methods for differentiation, cover the critical elements of striking, and offer transferrable tips to keep students engaged and focused.

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Andy Hair
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