Dribble (Soccer)

Dribbling the ball requires controlling the ball while moving with it. This skill can be introduced in Kindergarten as it will help children develop their ball tracking skills as they tap the ball and run after it. Often at this age they will end up chasing the ball rather than dribbling it. By the age of 10 years children should have mastered all components of this skill.

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Assessing the Fundamental Movement Skill of Dribbling (feet)
Assessing the Fundamental Movement Skill of Dribbling (feet)
Learn now to dribble - hand and foot
Learn now to dribble - hand and foot

Checklist of skill criteria:

  1. Dribbles with the inside and outside of feet
  2. Moves ball from one foot to the other
  3. Maintains even balance
  4. Lifts head to look around
  5. Arms move to assist action

Teaching Strategies

For beginners (at the emergent level of dribbling skill development):
  • Focus on skill criteria number 2
  • Use medium, soft balls as they are easier to control
  • Try at a walking pace to begin with
  • Ask children the different parts of the foot they can dribble with
  • Practice dribbling using both feet
  • Encourage children to keep the ball close to them
  • Play games such as Wicked Witch with each student having a ball, use commands such as dribble forward, stop the ball, walk around in a circle, dribble and knock over a cone, dribble with both feet
For children at the developing level of dribbling skill development:
  • Set up obstacle courses to dribble around
  • Practice dribbling while looking ahead at a target
  • Speed up and try dribbling at a fast walk, then jog, then run – all whilst still in control
  • Encourage children to use inside and outside of foot
  • Play dribbling games such as Rob the Nest with dribbling and Cone Monster
For children at the acquired or accomplished level of dribbling skill development:
  • Dribble in different directions
  • Play Small Sided Soccer games
  • Practice dribbling at high speed
  • Add in defenders to dribble around
Wicked Witch (kick and dribble)_photo

Teaching Cues

  1. Keep the ball close
  2. Small, soft taps of the ball
  3. Use both feet

Common Errors

  • Kicks the ball far away
  • Only uses one foot
  • Looks down at the ball
  • Unable to control the ball