School testimonials

Meet just a few of the many thousands of teachers, principals, parents, and students who use KIDDO. These bite-sized videos showcase the heart of Kiddo's impact – from happy classrooms to skilled and confident kids.

School Principal, Jemima's experience with KIDDO

Hear why a KIDDO membership is a "no-brainer" for Principal, Jemima Tomlinson.

School Principal, Mark Hendon's experience with KIDDO

Mark explains why KIDDO is "motivating, engaging and awesome" for his students and teachers.

PE Teacher, Chris Boulay's experience with KIDDO

The fact that Chris can use KIDDO to get FMS data from his students "quick-snap" is just one of the many reasons he will continue to use, and advocate for KIDDO. Press play to hear all of the others.

PE teacher, Hannah Brown's experience with KIDDO

"Schools want to know where their money is going. With KIDDO you know it's being used well - you can see it in the data." 

PE teacher, Callum Higgs' experience with KIDDO

KIDDO has completely revamped the way Woodland Grove Primary runs physical education.  It's the central hub for everything they do. Find out how - watch the video.

Deputy Principal, Cailie Spencer's experience with KIDDO

"If you are considering KIDDO, do it!" KIDDO has changed the way Cailie and her school view fundamental movement skills and she loves that it's fun, easy and supported by research and evidence.

Early Childhood Teacher, Claire Henderson's experience with KIDDO

As is the case at many schools, at Craigie Heights it's up to the early childhood teacher to run the lessons. Claire loves having access to a research-based program that helps with planning, preparation and assessment, with a focus on having fun and playing!

Parent, Alison Savage's experience with KIDDO

Learn why Alison is so grateful that her son goes to a school that uses KIDDO.

Harvey's experience with KIDDO

Harvey put his hand up to tell us what he thinks about KIDDO. Hear what he has to say and watch him and his classmates in action!