1. Where can I find the insights?

  • Click on the 'Dashboard' button in the top right-hand side of the page (or the 'Dashboard' button next to your class if you teach multiple classes) 
  • Click on the subheading ‘Insights' (it’s after 'Students')


2. What are the insights?

The insights show you the average score for each Fundamental Movement Skill you have assessed for your class and how this compares to children of the same average age across Australia.

Remember: a lower run score is better than a higher score as the faster you run, the lower the time!


3. What do the class insights tell me?

The class insights calculate the average score of the students in the class at the time they were assessed and compare that to the national average for students in the same 6-month age bracket


4. Can I see the insights for the whole year group - not just this class?

Yes! Your KIDDO Manager will be able to see insights for each class and whole year groups in your school or organisation. 

  • When in the 'Dashboard', access these in the left-hand side menu by clicking on 'Insights'
  • From there, you can choose to view insights for individual classes, or year groups as a whole.


5. What do the year group insights tell me?

The year group insights are calculated slightly differently from the class insights. The national average is calculated based on all students in that year group (E.g. Year 1) across Australia/world and compared to the average score for that year group (E.g. Year 1) in the school.


6. What can I do with the information from the insights?

Use it to inform your planning and programming! The insights will give you an indication of areas of strength or weakness for your students. You can then program to maintain their strengths but improve their weaknesses. The insights will also give you an indication as to whether your programs are working, as you will be able to compare the year group results from one year to the next.


7. Identifying students who need additional support

  • Click on the 'Dashboard' button in the top right-hand side of the page (or the 'Dashboard' button next to your class if you teach multiple classes)
  • Find 'Additional support' (it's below the weekly lesson)
  • Here, you will see a list of students who may require additional support with their FMS development. If you click on the ‘More’ button, you will be able to see the students you have assessed and they will be classified as either:
    • Progressing well (green dot)
    • May need additional help (yellow dot)
    • Needs additional assistance (red dot)
Watch the assessment insights and reporting how-to