Improving the fundamental movement skills of kids aged 3-8 KIDDO offers physical literacy
programs and resources for educators, coaches and parents

Improve Your Move

KIDDO is something different. Something fun. Something that every child, every parent and every educator can enjoy.

Ever heard of ‘physical literacy’? Basically, it’s helping children develop the skills and confidence to be able to do things like running, jumping, throwing and catching.

Working specifically with children aged 3 – 8, the KIDDO program has been scientifically designed to do just that – and to help nurture a love of physical activity that will last a lifetime.

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I am a Teacher

Nothing but the best. That’s what you want for every child in your class.
And now KIDDO is here to give you all the skills and resources you need to develop the physical literacy of your students. 
You’ll not only be helping improve their academic results, behaviour and concentration – you’ll also be developing a positive relationship with physical activity that will offer benefits well into their adulthood.

I Am A Childcare Educator

Fun. Play. Imagination. That’s what physical activity should be for children in their early years. KIDDO will help you build your knowledge and skills as an Educator and help the children in your centre learn how to run, jump, balance, kick, throw and more, as well as develop the confidence to be active - we promise they will love every minute of it.

I Am A Parent

As parents we always want our kids to be the best version of themselves. We want them to do well both inside the classroom and out. 
 KIDDO has been created by the team at UWA to help develop your child's fundamental movement skills, to improve their physical literacy and to help them become a confident and competent mover. 
KIDDO is about nurturing a love of physical activity for your child that will, quite literally, benefit them for life.

I Am A Coach

At KIDDO, we wholeheartedly embrace all those who share our desire to develop and nurture a love of physical activity from an early age. 
If you are a coach, health professional or student who wants to develop the physical literacy of your kids you have come to the right place.
We have a range of activities, skills and challenges to improve their move!

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Register today to get FREE access to KIDDO's amazing database of fun children's activities!  With hundreds of KIDDO activities to choose from your children will be spoilt for choice.

Also make sure you check out our library of videos on how to teach each of the Fundamental Movement Skills correctly.

Registration takes less than a minute!

Become a children's physical literacy expert in your school/centre/club with our KIDDO Certified membership.

Members receive access to a wide range of KIDDO's online training and resources, including our world leading online Certification of Physical Literacy.

This is a must have if you work with children from early childcare through to Year 2 and want to improve their lifelong physical literacy opportunities.

The ultimate resource for professionals working with children in early childcare to Year 2.

Become a KIDDO Leader in Physical Literacy and receive access to all of KIDDO's world leading online training and resources that is included in our Certified membership, PLUS our KIDDO Challenge. Our incredible Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Assessment tool that allows you to easily assess, track, compare and report on your children's FMS over time.

The KIDDO program is outstanding.  We appreciate everything the KIDDO team have provided the students, parents and teachers.

Tracey Oakes
Principal, Mt Claremont Primary School

The KIDDO activities I find are great warmup games for junior netball training; they’re fun, engaging and have elements of basic skills like running and ball handling which are essential in netball! I often weave them into my sessions and the girls I coach at St Hilda’s Netball Club love them.

Vanessa Anderson
St Hilda’s Netball Club Coach

The KIDDO program has boosted my confidence in interacting with younger children and has reminded me of the importance of getting kids to enjoy physical activity at a young age.

Brittany Crawford
St Hilda's Rowing coach

Kiddo coaching experience substantially helped me understand kids behaviour and how to manage it in both physical activity lessons and the classroom. The students loved the games and cues were quickly understood. Understanding children’s development of fundamental movement helped tailor the right activities to the year group to optimise engagement. Most importantly, Kiddo helped me discover my passion for teaching!

Brett Menzie
KIDDO coach and primary school student teacher

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