Improving physical literacy should be all about having fun. Take a look through our huge range of activities below.

We have compiled these activities, a mix of new ideas and old favourites, to help kids learn the fundamental movement skills in a fun and interactive way.
Use the filters below to sort the activities by skill, age group and setting. Then click through to learn more about how to set up the activity and run it for yourself.

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Children dancing to music

Active Movement Song


Incorporate music and dancing into your active time!  

Child playing with parent

Aeroplane - babies

1+5 Minutes

This easy to implement activity is great for adding variety to your tummy time routine.

All Types of Catching

1+10 Minutes

Spread the markers out in your designated area. Have different balls and beanbags ready in separate buckets/bags

Animal Walks

2+5-10 minutes

A great activity to get kids moving, while also improving their locomotor skills and strength.

Anything Tag

5+5-10 minutes

A fun tag activity that encourages creativity

Balance Dice (At Home)

1+10-20 minutes

An at-home activity to create and then use to develop balance!

Balance Twister

1 - 205 minutes

Place coloured flat markers in a grid arrangement 4 x 4 or larger with approximately 30cm between each marker (set-up a number of grids if you have a large group)

Balloon Games

1+10+ minutes

Balloons are a fun way to introduce striking, kicking and catching at a young age!

Basketball Relays

1 - 3010 minutes

Develop Catching and Dribbling skills with these relay activities.


4+10 minutes

A fun game that develops dribbling and kicking skills.

Beanbag Balances

1+5-10 minutes

A simple activity to develop balance that can be used as a break from more intense activities.

Beans in action


1+5 minutes

Fun, warm-up game for younger children incorporating all types of movement. No equipment required.

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